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Keep The Kids Entertained This Summer With Awesome Books From DK Canada's Summer Fun Boutique!

DK Canada's Summer Fun Boutique Has Fantastic Books To Keep The Kids Busy And Entertained This Summer!

Schools out and the kids are home. Although my kids are always home because I homeschool. But you know what I mean. So what are your kids doing this summer? We're leaving tomorrow for week of camping. Can't wait! Unfortunately the drive is a bit long and the weather is calling for rain half the time we're away. So mommy needs to find ways to keep the kids entertained and occupied. Then there is the rest of the summer to work on. Thankfully I recently received some great books to review from DK Canada that the kids absolutely love. Check them out!

Doodlepedia Pretty This is actually one of three Doodlepedia books we have and my girls love them all! This isn't your average colouring book. It's much more than that ~ it's interactive and educational. Kids can doodle, complete drawings, colour in images, add finishing touches, and learn fun and interesting facts too! In this book my daughters can colour in a beautiful peacock, design and draw a Venetian mask, create and colour quilt patches, and draw stripes on a herd of zebras. And that's just in the first few pages! This 96 page activity book is full of fun for the kids and in the process they learn about science, weather, animals, nature, and more. If Pretty isn't what you're looking for there's also the original Doodlepedia, Doodlepedia Wow, Animal Antics, and Dinosaurs. Great for long car trips, rainy days, and much more. Have fun!

Ultimate Factivity Collection: Animals My girls love animals and they love sticker books too. And this book has BOTH and includes over 500 stickers! With this activity book the girls can create, complete challenges, play games, take quizzes, and have lots of fun finding where the stickers belong and decorate pages too. I love how educational and fun this book is. Learn about dart frogs and colour them in, follow the winding paths to match the animals to the food they eat, and take the baby animal quiz matching the baby animal stickers with the parents on the page. My girls love this book and have it packed in their backpack for the car ride tomorrow. Lots of fun for sure! Other books in this series include: Ultimate Factivity Collection Dinosaurs, Fashion, Rocks and Minerals, LEGO Legends of Chima, LEGO City, Star Wars, and Spider-Man. 

Make It! My kids LOVE arts & crafts! Anytime we get a hold of a craft book my girls devour it with excitement. This book is awesome because it takes everyday items from around the house and repurposes them transforming them from trash to treasure. Using paper, plastic, metal, or fabric, kids can make totally cool gifts and toys. My daughter already made a really pretty paper weaving project and next we plan to make paper mache bowls using torn up junk mail and homemade paste. There's also projects for making a sturdy box with a handle using newspaper, make gorgeous jewelry with colourful paper scraps, and make a cool robot from tin trays, cans, and foil. Lots of fun and inexpensive too!

If you're looking for fun for the kids this summer, be sure to check out 
the Summer Fun Boutique!

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**Disclosure: The books mentioned above have been given free of charge from DK Canada in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are those of Homeschooling Mom 4 Two and have not been influenced in any other way.


  1. I would pick Make It! (Judy Cowan)

  2. Ultimate Factivity Collection: Animals

  3. I would pick the animal sticker book.

  4. I would choose the Animals book. I think ny son would really enjoy it!

  5. I would pick Ultimate Factivity Collection: Animals. I love that it comes with stickers.

  6. I would like the doodlepedia Pretty book. I can imagine how much fun that would be.

  7. I would choose the make it book.

  8. I would choose the book "Summer Fun Boutique".

  9. I'd choose the Ultimate Factivity Collection about animals

  10. I would love the ANIMALS one for my daughter, she just LOVES anything animals

  11. I would choose: The Ultimate Factivity Collection: Animals

  12. I would pick the Ultimate Factivity Collection: Animals


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