Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Whether At Home Or Over The Campfire SLOTDOG Takes Your Hot Dogs To The Next Level!

Join The Hot Dog Revolution With SLOTDOG!

When the horrendous winter we had here in Southern Ontario finally came to an end and the weather began to warm I began to look forward to sunny spring days and warm summer months. I imagined BBQ's on the back deck and long weekends camping with the family at our favourite provincial park.

When I think of BBQ's and camping they both always include hot dogs. Sometimes they're big juicy jumbo dogs or sometimes just your average hot dog. Some people nuke them in the microwave, some fry them in a pan, or like us, cook them over a camp fire. But from now on, however we cook them, we'll always use our new SLOTDOG. 

What's a SLOTDOG? Glad you asked! Just press the SLOTDOG down on two opposite sides of your hot dog creating a criss cross imprint. Toss it in your frying pan or on your BBQ and watch as it transforms in front of your eyes! As the hot dog cooks the slots slowly expand, helping to show you when it’s ready to enjoy. The slots not only help your hot dogs cook faster and show you when they are done, they also grab hold of the condiments you drizzle on them. Hubby and the  kids eat their hot dogs with cheese and ketchup. I personally love mustard. YUM!

We went camping on the May long weekend and cooked lots of juicy hot dogs over our camp fires. The slots in the hot dogs helped them heat through before they started to burn. They turned out perfect and the kids LOVED them! The SLOTDOG also keeps your hot dogs from curling as they heat. From now on whenever we have hot dogs we will always be using our SLOTDOG and we will definitely take it with us on all our camping trips this summer! 

If you want to take your hot dogs to the next level too, 
be sure to pick up your own SLOTDOG!

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Disclosure: I received a SLOTDOG in order to facilitate this review. All opinions are my own. 

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