Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Flowers Hand Print Art Activity for Preschoolers

Spring Flowers Hand Print Art

My friend is back to work from her maternity leave and my other friend goes back in a few weeks. That means I'm back to watching their precious little ones. I love them! So sweet, so little. I don't need more babies, I just borrow my friend's for the day. LOL. I get my fix. 

So now I'm busy searching for fun activities and arts and crafts to do with 4 preschoolers. Spring is just around the corner (never mind the snowstorm about to hit in 2 days, UGH!) So we're switching from winter craft mode to all things spring!

This is what we did today. A flower pot of beautiful spring hand print flowers. 

What you need:
Finger Paints
Little hands :)

Paint the pot and flower stems.
Paint the little hands with a paintbrush and SMOOSH them on the paper.

Voila! It's beautiful, simple, and just a little bit messy :)

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