Monday, March 17, 2014

Spring craft for kids: Egg carton caterpillars

Egg carton caterpillars

The first day of spring is just a few days away! Who else is excited this dreaded winter has reached it's end? Technically anyway. I can't wait for the rest of the snow to melt and for little sprouts to begin to appear on the bushes and trees. I look forward to trips with the kids to the playground and walks around the lake. I love going for walks with the kids and the dogs during the spring because the geese are always out with their brand new little babies that are just too cute for words. Winter has been a bear and I'm so happy for it to be over. What are you most looking forward to about spring?

Anyway, we're now in full on spring craft mode. Last week we made hand print flowers. This week we made egg carton caterpillars. I can't believe we've never made them before. 

We get the big tray of eggs from Costco. So you can get 5 or 6 caterpillars out of it depending on which way you cut it. My girls LOVED this super simple craft. Anything with paint and sprinkles makes them happy. For the green caterpillar my 10 year old waited for the paint to dry and then used the green paint again to paint little circles then added the sprinkles. The sprinkles stuck to the wet paint and that's how she made her red sprinkle polka dot caterpillar. My 5 year old had fun painting each section different colours and then pretty much dumped on the sprinkles.

We used a pencil to make small holes for the pipe cleaner antennas and I used my hot glue gun to glue on the googly eyes although you could use white glue as well. I have to say they made quite the mess with this craft, and there was glitter everywhere, but they had a great time. I love their creations :)

Egg carton caterpillars

Happy spring!

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  1. Super cute! I love easy crafts and this one turned out to be adorable!

  2. Love your craft posts on here that you do so easy and simple for the little ones to do, I can't wait to pull out my craft container and start doing crafts again with my granddaughter, used to love doing crafts with my girls when they were little, so full of imagination at that age

  3. Thanks Lynda :) I love simple crafts and the kids love them too. No need to get all complicated. They are easily pleased. Don't need to spend a lot of money to make the kids happy.

  4. These caterpillars take me way back.....I remember making a bunch of them in school. Must do some with my little girl!


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