Tuesday, March 11, 2014

March Break Kids Craft Project: Cardboard box alien head

Cardboard box alien head craft

Raid the Craft Box and have some March Break fun!

If you are like most mom's, you've got a box full of craft supplies. Every time I use up some plastic wrap or tin foil, or someone eats the last of the cream cheese, we always save the cardboard rolls or plastic containers. It all gets tossed into the craft box for future projects.

My daughter made this alien head last spring and I originally posted the pic as a Wordless Wednesday post. But I thought it would be great to post again to give mom's an idea of what they can do to keep the kids busy this march break. 

So break out the craft box and see where the kid's imagination can take them!

What she used:
Square box
Printer paper
Cardboard rolls from tin foil
Toilet paper rolls
Popsicle sticks
and Tape 

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  1. very cute! looks like she had fun making it, I to have a large craft box and I throw everything in it too that can be used for crafts and the dollar store is my other favorite place to go to buy all my crafting needs

  2. So creative. Love "reduce, reuse, recycle". We've been making toilet paper rolls and I have a lego post coming soon. As soon as the kids stop doing crafts long enough for me to write the post :)

    Besos, Sarah
    Blogger at Journeys of The Zoo

  3. My kids love when I go to the grocery store because I always come home with paper bags. They provide hours of entertainment.

    I never thought of saving the other things you mentioned. What a wonderful idea! My kids thank you!!! Thanks for linking up at #theultimateparty.

  4. I made this with my son today!! He adored it!! We had much fun! Thanks for sharing.


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