Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Kids Craft: Construction Paper Fish with Tissue Paper Scales

Construction Paper Fish with Tissue Paper Scales

As you can probably tell from the crafts I've been posting lately, I'm all about simple crafts that are inexpensive and easy for little ones. I like crafts that have simple supplies that I can buy for cheap at the dollar store as well as crafts that don't take too much planning and preparation. Simple crafts are lots of fun for the kids and help to avoid frustration. We liked this Tissue Paper Fish craft because it was easy and any craft that involves gluing is a favourite in this house.

Supplies needed:
Construction paper for the body
Different colour tissue paper for the scales and tail
Googly eyes

I drew a simple fish outline on the construction paper and cut out the shape. Then I cut tissue paper into triangles for the scales and strips for the tail. (Whenever the girls get a gift or we go to a baby shower where they are just going to throw out the tissue paper, we save them for future arts and crafts projects). Then I let the girls go to town, gluing on the tissue paper scales and tails and finished them off with a googly eye. I saved the extra pieces of cut up tissue paper in sandwich baggies for future projects.

Tissue Paper Fish. Fun, simple, and inexpensive.
Have fun!

Construction Paper Fish with Tissue Paper Scales

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  1. Awesome little craft. So simple, yet so much fun for the little ones. Thanks for sharing.


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