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Save 30% on select books from DK Canada's Food and Drink boutique!

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I have to make a confession. I'm in a rut. A bad one. And I'm having trouble getting out. Are you in the same boat? Do you make your family the same meals every week, over and over again? I do. Not to say we don't enjoy those meals but it can get quite boring. You know the saying 'variety is the spice of life'? Well I think my family needs a little more spice! LOL. That's why I'm really excited about DK Canada's, Tasty DK food and drink boutique! For a limited time, save 30% on a great selection of comprehensive wine encyclopedias and clear, easy-to-follow cookbooks. There are books for preserving, baking, cake decorating, sushi, and soups. There are books for those with special diets such as the Allergy-Free Cookbook, the Gluten-Free Cookbook, and the Diabetes Cookbook. To help me out of my recipe rut I chose to review the Family Cookbook and Vegetables Please.

I think the Family Cookbook ($35.00 Now: $24.50) is going to be a life saver! With it's 496 pages and over 700 recipes I don't think there is room for excuses anymore. One of the best things about this book is that it is FULL of mouth watering photographs. I very rarely buy a cook book that doesn't provide photos for each recipe. A picture tells a thousand words. And this book is packed with them! You'll love it!

If you have a baby that you are switching over to solid food, the first section is for you. It starts off with a full 2 page guide on weaning your baby and introducing first foods while watching for allergies and providing a balanced diet. If you are a first time parent, this is a great resource! The next 4 pages offer 16 recipes for purees, like butternut squash, mango, and sweet potato and broccoli.  Each accompanied by a photo that really shows the colour and texture of each puree. For your toddler, you'll love recipes like Mini Falafel balls, Chicken with a Basil and Parmesan crust, Oat and Apple Pancakes, and Carrot Cake Cookies. Lots of ideas for nutritious and delicious meals for your baby and toddler. Kind of makes me want to have another baby! LOL.

Family Cookbook continues on with sections for Family Meals, Easy Entertaining, Food to Go, Baking, and Cooking with Kids. It also contains features such as Smart Shopping, Batching and Freezing, Coping with Allergies, Smart Leftovers, and Picky Kids and Teenagers. I'll admit that many of the recipes require slightly more effort than what I'm used to and use a few ingredients that aren't common in my kitchen. But that's what happens when all I cook is spaghetti with sauce from a jar, sausage and perogies, and tuna casserole. It's time to expand and try new recipes, and get out of my rut! Now I'll be trying recipes such as Pasta with Butternut Squash, Crispy Risotto Cakes, Jamaican Jerk Chicken, Sausage and Sweet Potaoes, Thai Coconut Rice, and Boeuf Bourguignon. I can't wait! Time to go shopping :)

One of the issues with my meals is with the vegetable side dish and including more vegetables in our diet as a whole. In this house our dinner usually includes a side of corn. Plain, yellow, boring old corn. I am so sick of corn! Sometimes we have carrots, but even then, they are just boiled with a little butter. BORING! I also would like to include more vegetarian meals during the week. Vegetables Please ($27.00 Now: $18.90) will hopefully help me in my endeavour to make my kitchen more vegetable friendly. 

I LOVE pages 14-37. Beautiful full page, detailed photographs along with descriptions of just about every ingredient you could possibly use in a vegetarian dish. One thing that I find really difficult when trying new recipes is using ingredients I've never used before. Have you ever been like me, standing in front of the produce section with a recipe in hand, looking for an ingredient you have never heard of before and have no idea what it looks like? This section really educates you and I am going to find extremely useful. It includes Cabbages & leafy greens, Vegetable flowers, Shoots and Stems, Salad leaves, the Onion family, Roots and tubers, Squashes and cucumbers, Beans and pods, Vegetable fruits, Mushrooms, Legumes, Nuts, seeds, and oils, Herbs, and Spices. You'll love this section!

There are so many recipes I want to try. The Potato cakes and Cajun potato wedges look really yummy. I'd also love to try the Sweet corn fritters with tomato salsa and the Mushrooms in garlic sauce. There are a few pages thoughout the book with some recipe photos but unfortunately almost all the recipes lack a photo. Although that is a drawback for me when it comes to recipe books I still think there are tons of great dishes to try. I just like seeing what the end result would look like. So whether you are a vegetarian, a meat-lover or anyone else looking to add more veggies to the menu, there is certainly a lot of inspiration here.

So what are we waiting for? 
It's time to thrill your taste buds!

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**Disclosure: The books mentioned above have been given free of charge from DK Canada in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are those of Homeschooling Mom 4 Two and have not been influenced in any other way.


  1. I too tend to cook the same things week after week though I do love going through cook books and finding exciting new ideas.

  2. I love, love, love DK Books. I find they always deliver exactly what they promise and more, both their books for kids and adults as well.


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