Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Get crafty with DK Canada and SAVE 30% until October 15th!

Time to get Crafty with DK Canada's 

It's been a month now that the kids have been back to school and my 10 year old has been immersed in English and Math. While those are very important subjects it's also always been important in our homeschooling to include some Art. My oldest is very creative and loves to draw and make things and has a great imagination. I really want to encourage these qualities because they make her who she is. Who knows what she'll decide to be when she grows up. But I have a feeling that it'll involve something that will allow her to continue to create and express herself.

So, as a family who loves arts and crafts you can imagine that we have a number of books on our bookshelf on just that subject. Most of these books are from DK Canada and we're really excited about the last 2 books we just received to review from their Craft Boutique, Crafty Creatures and The Big Book of Crafts and Activities. They have many other books on different subjects such as Photography, Dress Making, Home Design & Decorating, Jewelry Making, Flower Arranging, Woodworking and more. So there is certainly something for everyone, young and old.

I'm really excited about the books we received because I love crafts too. My daughter and I are beginner knitters. Right now we are each working on scarves for ourselves for the winter and they are turning out pretty good actually. Maybe we'll even try to make matching hats when we are done. With what we're learned so far we are really eager to try something a little more creative such as some of the projects in Crafty Creatures like the knitted kittens that the book calls Knittens, so cute. There are also instructions on how to knit Koala Bears, Raccoons,  Rabbits and a totally adorable Teddy Bear. Wouldn't that be the cutest baby shower gift, a little family of personally knitted animal friends? My daughter's are also going to love making the little felt animals, sock monkeys, as well as trying out some cross stitching. What a great way to learn and practice sewing. I also really appreciate all the helpful tips and instructions at the back of the book that explain how to knit and stitch. Perfect for the beginner. So, if your daughter is into these types of projects she'll surely LOVE this book. I know we do!

The Big Book of Crafts and Activities is also going to be lots of fun. It's packed with tons of fun projects. Part of what I love about this book is the variety of projects there are to choose from. You can make your own framed bulletin board, pretty padded clothes hangers and complete your own furniture makeovers. There are lots of recipe ideas such as delicious smoothies, cupcakes, caramel popcorn, chocolate truffles, chocolate chunk marshmallow cookies and homemade gingerbread. YUMMY! You'll also learn how to make decorative gift boxes, handmade cards and invitations, friendship bracelets, beaded butterflies and dragonflies, and even balloon animals! My girls have been asking to have a bunch of friends over for a party for a while now. We have lots of great ideas in this book and I think the project to top it all off will be the super adorable owl pinata. Without a doubt, we will be having a ton of fun with this book. It's a great reason to get creative and the perfect way for me to spend more quality time with my girls :)

So what are we waiting for? Time to get crafting!

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**Disclosure: The books mentioned above have been given free of charge from DK Canada in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are those of Homeschooling Mom 4 Two and have not been influenced in any other way.

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