Thursday, July 11, 2013

Fantastic Family Fun at The #ShrineCircus!

*My family received complimentary tickets to the circus. All opinions are my own. 

Run away to the circus with the Zerbini family!

Since 1763

It's been a few years since we've been to the circus. My little one was really little then and too young to remember anything. Even my oldest was young then and barely remembers going. So we were super excited to have the chance to go again. We were invited with a few other bloggers and their families to run away to the circus for the evening and even had the privilege of a behind the scenes tour. That was a huge thrill!

We met with the ringmaster who is married to a 9th generation circus star, Tarzan Zerbini's niece. He was very passionate about circus life and how it's a great family affair, with many dinners spent together under the awnings of the trailers they travel in and the amazing work ethic that the children learn. 

Before the show he told us a bit about the history of the Tarzan Zerbini Circus which is celebrating 250 years! One story that I really found interesting is that they are the only family circus to have ever crossed the Sahara Dessert. When you crossed the dessert back then there were no landmarks, just rolling dunes. So they would place barrels and number them to guide them across the dessert. His Uncle Tarzan would tell stories of laying under the trucks with his dad in the dessert and how they worked on getting the provisions and water stored that was needed for the animals  to last the trip.    

Then it was time for the tour. First stop . . . the tigers! They have 14 tigers, 10 of whom appeared in the show. They were nicely shaded and kept cool and they even have an exercise arena built in behind where they allow the tigers space to run and enjoy the outdoors and play. Their elephants also enjoy stops at different ranches or reserves, about 3 or 4, along the way, where they are able to roam for several days and just be elephants. Their trainer will allow them to sleep as long as they like and won't even go in to clean out their stalls til they wake up. 

One of the reasons the Zerbini family has been allowed to tour across Canada is because for many many years they have exceeded everybody's criteria and expectations when it comes to animal care. There certainly are many stories out there regarding animals that are abused in circuses. And it sadly does happen. So I was extremely pleased to hear how well the Zerbini family cares for their animals.

You can learn more about the care of their animal perfomers here: 

Meeting the elephants, Marie and Shelly, was an absolute highlight! The first thing I noticed was the room they had to roam about in the field. A quick shower before show time and a snack fed to them by the kids and they were happy happy elephants! You can't see if from the picture but the elephant on the left was actually dancing, swaying back and forth. It was incredibly exciting to have the opportunity to feed them and touch them. It's a moment we'll never forget.

Now it's circus time!

There was lots and lots of circus food! Hot dogs, nachos, fries, corn dogs, popcorn, snow cones etc. A bit pricey but reasonable for an even like this. The toys were more than we were willing to pay for. The light up toys were all $20 each. We're a family on a budget and although it would have been nice for the kids and a cool souvenir we had to pass. The kids were disappointed at first but they really loved the butterflies they got at the face painting booth. Aren't they cute! LOL  

There were so many acts. Something for everyone! The tigers and elephants were my favourite and the white stallions were breathtaking. The acrobats caused a lot of gasping from the crowd but it was really exciting! Between acts the clown would come out and entertain and even pulled my poor hubby up onto the stage! He was a great sport. Danced to Micheal Jackson and attempted to moonwalk at the direction of the clown, who by the way doesn't talk, just whistles (loudly!) It's all lots of fun and an evening we will not soon forget.

Don't you want to run away to the circus too? 
It's a great night of entertainment for the whole family. 

The #ShrineCircus is currently touring through Ontario and Quebec. Check their schedule for dates and use coupon code "FUN" for 2 for 1 tickets.

PLUS! Don't forget to enter their giveaway for a trip for 4 to Florida to the Two Tails Elephant Sanctuary. Now that would be awesome!


  1. I'm so glad your family got to experience such a fun and amazing evening. I loved listening to Richard Curtis, ringmaster, talk about the circus and watching your hubby in the ring... hilarious!! It was so great to finally meet in person! Have a great summer and thanks again for joining us.

  2. wow lots of great photos. btw, first time visiting your blog. nice one.

  3. Looks like a lot of fun.

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