Monday, April 8, 2013

Matryoshka! Deluxe for kids App Review (iOS & Android) for kids 2-6

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I was recently given the opportunity to review Matryoshka! Deluxe, a fun kids phone app by Kidoteca. "Matryoshka! is a smart and fun puzzle for kids and toddlers, inspired by the classical Russian nesting dolls." 

When I first installed the app on my phone I wasn't too sure about it. For an adult it appears to be far too simple to be any fun. But I was wrong. My 4 year old really loved it and even my 9 year old thought it was fun. The game features a variety of character themes such as 'classroom career day', 'dinosaurs', and 'soccer'. Take the nesting dolls apart to find the smallest one, then put them all back together in the right order.

I always like to have a few fun games for the kids on my phone for those moments when we're stuck in line or have a long drive. This game is simple enough for my pre-schooler to play but challenging enough for her that she isn't easily bored by it. She plays it often and still thinks it's lots of fun. She especially likes it when she completes the puzzle and the screen fills with balloons, bubbles and other surprises that she can tap to watch explode or transform.

For only $0.99 - $2.00 it's a fun game for your 2-6 year old.

Available for purchase on iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon. iTunes

Disclosure: Homeschooling Mom 4 Two received compensation for this post. However, I only endorse products that I like and give my honest opinions. 


  1. I think our 2 year old would love this. Very visually appealing, his favorite thing in the world is to play with our phones.

    1. I can't keep the kids off my phone. If I can't find it, I know where to look. LOL

  2. Pretty cool!
    I'm sure my son would love this! although he broke my tablet from jumping on it! but if he ever gets to use it again ill get this! :)

    1. Yikes! He broke it? Kids... lol! I wouldn't have been a happy mommy.


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