Monday, March 4, 2013

Learn How Lip Primer Can Benefit Your Make-Up Routine

Most of us have a drawer or a huge cosmetic bag full of lipsticks, eye shadows, and other necessities. These cosmetics are used to create or enhance the natural beauty of women. Although many cosmetics are used to add color, there are many very important tubes, bottles, or containers that do their work behind the scenes. One of these is the ubiquitous lip primer. You may not notice the primer directly, but the benefits of wearing it underneath your lipstick or gloss can be very apparent.

Keeps Your Color in Place

Some women suffer from lipstick bleed. For these women, the primer prevents lipstick color from bleeding out the sides, top, or bottom of the lips. Lipstick bleeding is mostly caused when your lips become dry and cracked. These cracks allow the lipstick to bleed off of your lips. Fine lines and wrinkles can also lead to bleeding lipstick. You can reduce some cracks by trying to moisturize your lips, but applying a layer of primer before you put lipstick is a great way to guarantee that your lip color stays in place. The appropriate use of primer can also prevent feathering.

Improve the Color of Your Lipstick

Adding a layer of colorless primer can improve your lipstick color in several different ways. If you have a color of lips that tends to show through your lipstick, then adding a primer allows you to use many lipstick colors or glosses that wouldn't otherwise work on your lips.
Primer was originally developed to smooth out the wrinkles, imperfections, and inconsistencies on lips. Primer will smooth out your natural lip color and help you to apply a smooth even coat of lipstick. When using primer, you can expect your color to stay put, to retain its original intensity, and to last longer. Many women enjoy using primer as a base under a clear gloss for a smooth and beautiful natural look with the addition of lipstick color.

Adds Another Layer of Sun Protection

As our awareness of the dangers of skin cancer increase, so should our efforts at protecting our skin from the harmful rays of the sun. Adding primer to your lips gives you one more layer of protection on the sensitive skin of your lips. Many primers contain an SPF 15 sunscreen and they may also have added vitamins and other healthful ingredients which protect your lips from the effects of aging.

Plump It Up!

Some primers are actually lip enhancers and can be used to create fuller, plumper lips. These primers are available in neutral tones. They perform the same smoothing and filling tasks that other primers provide with the added benefit of building up the swell of lips. Lipstick is applied to the plumper just as it is to other primers.

Some women have been a little hesitant to try a primer at first, but after trying it out have added it to their daily make-up routine. With a little bit of practice and some practical experience, many of those initially hesitant women have become firm believers in the beneficial powers of the primer. In much the same way that foundation and moisturizers are used on the rest of the face to improve the health of the skin and the finished appearance, primer for lips can strengthen the lips and enhance the look of your chosen lipstick color.

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