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Fun, creative and earth-friendly craft projects, delivered each month by GreenKidCrafts {REVIEW} Save 15% until 12/15 with coupon code!

Green Kid Crafts Earth Friendly Craft KitsGreen Kid Crafts is a fantastic mom-owned company that provides monthly subscription craft kits your kids will absolutely love! Each kit contains three green, earth friendly activities that not only foster your child's creativity but also develop a love and respect for the environment. Although they are designed to be appropriate for children aged 3-8 I have to say that my 9 year old daughter, Maija and even myself really enjoyed doing these crafts along with my 4 year old, Annika. It was great quality time spent together. 

We were given the opportunity to review Novembers Food Adventure Box. For this kit Green Kid Crafts partnered with Purple Asparagus, to create a Food Adventures themed box with crafts celebrating healthy eating. Our kit included a Fishing game using fish made from recycled felt, supplies to grow our own organic basil and alfalfa sprout gardens, and make your own tile coaster. We had so much fun with these crafts and I loved that the kit includes everything we needed besides water and scissors.

First we started with the basil and alfalfa sprout gardens. Annika picked the alfalfa sprouts so Maija got the basil. I've been meaning to get a basil plant for some time now so we could grow our own. Buying fresh basil is so expensive. So this was just perfect! The girls really loved getting their seeds all set up and ready to grow and I'm sure they be checking constantly throughout the day to see if they've started to sprout yet.

Next we worked on the the tile coaster. The girls carefully separated the different coloured tiles and decided on the design before they got started. This was a great lesson in patterns. I suggested that they not just randomly put the tiles on but to see how they could place them in a pretty pattern. It took a little work but the end result looked great!

Lastly we made our fishing game. Maija traced the fish onto the felt and I cut them out and Annika attached the Velcro to the fishing rod.  After the fish were all cut out we wrote numbers on each of them. When Annika went fishing she picked the fish up in order from 1 - 5. She likes to pretend to fish all the time at home. She'll put on a hat and hold a ruler and sit on a chair waiting for the fish to bite. So needless to say she REALLY enjoyed this activity!

With a Green Kid Craft subscription each month brings a new theme relating to nature or the environment. Past themes have included I Love Bugs, Outer Space, and Feathered Friends. The kits includes the materials and instructions for three craft activities as well as a Discover More guide which provides more craft ideas using materials found around the house, related reading and other fun facts all related to that month’s theme. November being a Food Adventure theme, our Discover More Guide included 5 super yummy recipes. The squash banana smoothie and Cranberry granola sound delish! Do you think the kids will notice the squash in their smoothie? LOL!

Subscriptions are available in month to month, 3, 6, and 12 month durations and make great gifts! The monthly subscription cost is just $19.50 and includes shipping. I think that this is a great idea, especially for homeschoolers. We don't have to worry about coming up with new craft ideas and then searching who knows how many stores for all the supplies you need. With a monthly subscription the ideas and materials come straight to your door. And you can spend your valuable time with your kids watching them discover and learn. There's nothing better than that! Check out Green Kid Crafts today!

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**Disclosure: The product mentioned above has been given free of charge from Green Kid Crafts in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are those of Homeschooling Mom 4 Two and have not been influenced in any other way. This post contains affiliate links.


  1. When my daughter was younger, she would have loved this. She is making it clear lately that she is too old for such and such. Great review.

  2. i love craft kits, we do alot of crafts in our house along with homeschooling my 4 year old. it would be perfect for her and my younger son (2 almost).

  3. Such cool ideas! I'm gonna have to try them with my nephew!

  4. I have been wracking my brains trying to think of a great birthday present for my grandaughter Julia, who turns 7 next month- this sounds perfect for her!

  5. I'm always looking for gifts to send friends and relatives for their children and this looks like something worth buying. So many items in the box and I could see the kids having hours of fun making things with this. That you can have it shipped is great and I like that they have different themes.


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