Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DK Canada - Canadian Gardener's Guide {REVIEW} Plus...Save 30% for a limited time only!

Do you love to garden? Or maybe you're like me and would like to but haven't a clue on where to get started and what to do. Well either way, I found a book that is a must have for any Canadian gardener. Canadian Gardener's Guide has everything you need to know to create and care for your garden and features over 1,000 beautiful full-coloured photographs. And right now DK Canada is offering this beautiful 448 page book in their Gift Boutique at 30% off for just $21!

I've always loved the thought of growing a beautiful garden. My grandparents had a huge garden and even a greenhouse on their property when I was a kid. I have such fond memories of helping my grandfather in his greenhouse, although those memories are quite faint being so long ago.  I remember Chickadees landing on my little hand eating seeds and I remember eating as many mint leaves as I could off the ever growing plant. I would love to have a garden as beautiful as that one day. The only problem is that I have no clue on what to do. I think I'll need to start simple. 

This spring my daughters and I bought seeds for a number of flowers and vegetables and had a little garden starting to grow in my kitchen. We were quite proud of ourselves. But we never prepared a garden outside to plant them in and they all died. I NEED HELP! I was so glad when I was given the opportunity to review the Canadian Gardener's Guide because it's just what I need to get me going and answer all my questions. The first section of the book, Make a Start,  is the perfect place to start for anyone like me who is new to gardening. It takes you through the basics and gives you a good foundation of knowledge on which you can continue to build. It covers, among other things, how plants grow and reproduce, how to improve your soil, how to recognize healthy plants and a guide to the most useful tools. Once you've got the basics move on to the section on how to Design Your Garden. I'm the type of person that would probably just pick a corner of the yard and start digging. But this section made me realize that there is much more to it. It helps you to decide what type of space you really want for your yard. Perhaps a calming retreat, a place to entertain, a productive garden full of vegetables, or a garden perfect for the whole family. It really gave me a lot to think about and I was surprised by all the different options.

This book has so much to offer both beginners and seasoned gardeners. From container growing to lawn care, from fruit gardens to garden ponds, there is so much to learn. Gardening will hopefully be a project that we can begin working on together as a family. Not only will this be a great lesson for my daughters in learning how things grow but it will also teach them the value of hard work and the joy you can experience when you see the amazing results from that work. As we go along, Canadian Gardener's Guide will be a reference that we will continually look back to for advice. Don't miss the opportunity to save 30% on this fantastic book and take a look at the other titles available from the Gift Boutique. And make sure to enter to win a $250 DK shopping spree just by signing up for their newsletter. Contest closes December 17, 2012 @6pm EST.

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**Disclosure: The product mentioned above has been given free of charge from DK Canada in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are those of Homeschooling Mom 4 Two and have not been influenced in any other way.


  1. I love to garden and that book would be perfect for me - I'll have to keep my eye open for it, thanks!

  2. i use to garden all the time and loved it. unfortunately i was injured and have been unable to since then. i did notice in the picture that they were using raised beds and pots so that could be a great option for me now. i will have to get the book asap. thank you for the review.

    tammy ramey

  3. I love gardening and would love to do some now that I've moved here. Unfortunately our garden is north facing and hardly gets any sunshine at all. Then of course there's the weather here in Alberta to contend with. Most of the plants I had in Europe wouldn't survive the harsh winters here.


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