Friday, November 30, 2012

DK Canada ~ My First Dictionary Canadian Edition {GIVEAWAY} CAN only - 12/14

Are you looking for another fantastic book to add to your children's library collection? Well look no further! My First Dictionary is a great book for any parent and homeschooler. 

Recommended for children ages 3-5 even my 9 year old loves this dictionary. My 4 year old Annika loves letters and words and this is the perfect time to teach her how to use a dictionary and further develop her desire to learn to read. To learn more about what we thought about this book please read my full review. If you would like to add this beautiful book to your home library collection you can purchase it directly from DK Canada, with FREE shipping on orders over $50 or order it through

Giveaway Linky ~ Nov 30 - Dec 6

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DK Canada ~ My First Dictionary Canadian Edition {REVIEW}

My 4 year old daughter Annika LOVES letters and words. She loves to sit at the table and fill pages and pages of her notebook with random letters. She also likes to ask me how to spell every single word that pops into her head. I'll write the word down and  then she copies it as best she can. I love her desire to learn and this is the perfect age and opportunity to encourage that desire to learn. And what better tool is there than a dictionary to help learn about words. Annika loves My First Dictionary from DK Canada. It's one of her favourite books now. She was naturally drawn right away to the bright colourful pictures. We like to sit and look through the book together. I'll point at the different words and she'll tell me what they say. She can't really read them yet. She only knows the words because she sees the pictures. But she gets excited thinking she's reading and it builds her confidence. If we keep at it every day she'll soon learn the words and be able to read them without the pictures.  

This is a great opportunity to start teaching Annika at a young age how to use a dictionary. This dictionary helps her to learn that there are groups of words that start with the same letter and it helps her learn alphabetical order. The words chosen for this dictionary were carefully selected from words that are commonly used by young children, making it very practical. Words are clearly defined in simple language along with a full-colour photo or illustration. And did I mention that it also contains correct Canadian spelling, like colour, armour, and theatre? Even I get confused sometimes, so this is helpful. 

Another feature of this book that I love is the Dictionary games found on the last few pages. There are 9 games including Animal Alphabet, Spelling Puzzle, Word Detective, and Animal Jumble. Learning is always so much more successful when it's fun and this book is lots of fun. Annika and I will definitely be using My First Dictionary often during our homeschooling lessons. 

If you would like to add this beautiful book to your home library collection you can purchase it directly from DK Canada, with FREE shipping on orders over $50 or order it through

Make sure to like DK Canada on Facebook and follow them on Twitter for all the latest news, specials, and contests.

**Disclosure: The product mentioned above has been given free of charge from DK Canada in order to facilitate this review. The opinions expressed in this post are those of Homeschooling Mom 4 Two and have not been influenced in any other way.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Two pack of ReUsies™ (Sandwich and Snack Size) Giveaway! US - 12/9

Guest Review by So Cal Coupon Mommy

My daughter LOVES gold fish and I always have to have a bag with me no matter where we are. I have a bag of them in my car, upstairs and of course down stairs. So I founds myself using a LOT of plastic snack bags. I was given the opportunity to review ReUsies™ re-useable bags and could not say yes fast enough. This is an awesome product with an amazing story... I want to share the "about us" section of their site with you: "At the start of the new school year we realized that our families were going through an average of 10 plastic bags per day between school and work lunches. We do our best to reuse and recycle in other areas of our lives, but there didn’t seem to be a solution to the plastic sandwich bags we were using. We developed ReUsies™ for their waste-free quality, but many customers primary reason for purchasing our product was to eliminate plastic from being in direct contact with their family’s food. Whatever your reason, know you have made a good choice! We are Seattle families with a passion to do right by our children, and hope that the footprint we leave behind for future generations will be much smaller. We take pride in our product and we hope you enjoy them too!"

Bloggers! Free sign ups: $50 Amazon or PayPal Giveaway!

Last Minute Money FREE Blogger Event!

Last Minute Money is sponsored by,, and

Prize: $50 Amazon Gift Card or PayPal Cash. Date: Friday Dec 7th 6pm - Friday Dec 21st at 11:59
For More Details - Bloggers Wanted: Last Minute Money

Wordless Wednesday: Building solids with spaghetti and marshmallows + LINKY!

Bulu Box, monthly nutritional sample box Giveaway! 1 year for you and 1 to give to a friend! US - 12/12

Welcome to our Bulu Box giveaway! 

Have you ever walked into a health store and become overwhelmed by the vast array of products? How do I know what to try? What would work best? A Bulu Box is just what you need and this giveaway is your chance to win a 1 year subscription for you and a friend!

Woolino Baby Sleep Bag Giveaway! {2 WINNERS!} CAN/US - 12/26

Mommies know that blankets just aren't safe for our babies' beds, so how do we keep our little bundles of joy all cozy and warm as they sleep? There is no better way than a cozy baby sleep sack. Unfortunately so many sleep sacks on the market today are made of synthetic materials that can cause the baby to overheat and actually increase the risk factor for SIDS. Woolino comes to our rescue by creating an all natural 100% Australian merino wool baby sleep bag that keep baby warm at night in any season.  

Woolino merino baby sleep bags have a host of amazing features, from being super easy to clean to having a convenient harness slot to use during travel. It is compact and warm, perfect at home or on the go. Snaps on both shoulders and an inverted zipper make dressing and diaper changes easier. Underarm snaps make it adjustable to fit small babies. Your baby will be comfortable in a Woolino 4 Season baby sleep bag in temperatures ranging from 63 to 78 degrees Fahrenheit. It comes with a travel bag, room thermometer, and it is in a plastic-free, ready-to-gift package.

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

DK Canada - Canadian Gardener's Guide {REVIEW} Plus...Save 30% for a limited time only!

Do you love to garden? Or maybe you're like me and would like to but haven't a clue on where to get started and what to do. Well either way, I found a book that is a must have for any Canadian gardener. Canadian Gardener's Guide has everything you need to know to create and care for your garden and features over 1,000 beautiful full-coloured photographs. And right now DK Canada is offering this beautiful 448 page book in their Gift Boutique at 30% off for just $21!

I've always loved the thought of growing a beautiful garden. My grandparents had a huge garden and even a greenhouse on their property when I was a kid. I have such fond memories of helping my grandfather in his greenhouse, although those memories are quite faint being so long ago.  I remember Chickadees landing on my little hand eating seeds and I remember eating as many mint leaves as I could off the ever growing plant. I would love to have a garden as beautiful as that one day. The only problem is that I have no clue on what to do. I think I'll need to start simple. 

Monday, November 26, 2012

Bloggers! Free signs ups for S.O.S. Mom's 1,000 GFC fans giveaway!

Throughout our journey as bloggers, we come across several milestones. While some of these milestones are easily achieved, most if not all remain truly special and unique. And then there are the ones who are just simply and inevitably worth the celebration. These celebrations are a way to thank every single individual who took part in our fantastic success and accomplishment. And besides, any opportunity is good enough to par-tay, right!? And you know what they say, the more the merrier! So we would like to invite you all to join us in celebrating a very, very special event for S.O.S. Mom.

We would like to cordially invite you to come and join S.O.S. Mom in celebrating the 1,000 GFC fans mark in this grandiose giveaway event! As a thank-you to all those special fans, we will be offering 10 lucky readers one Urban Quest adventure! A total grand prize of nearly $300! But what is Urban Quest you ask! It is a real life Amazing Race in your city! Just get your Sherlock Holmes on by solving brain-tickling clues and puzzles in your very own city! A family day packed with fun, laughter and new discoveries, guaranteed!

BREAKING NEWS! Green Kid Crafts Wins Both MACT Excellence and Green Awards! Congrats!

Green Kid Crafts Earth Friendly Craft Kits
Fantastic news from Green Kid Crafts! 

Green Kid Crafts just received news that they earned the MACT (Mom Approved Child Tested) Excellence and Green Awards. 

Here's some of what MACT had to say: "We can honestly say we have never seen a kid activity subscription quite like this one before! Green Kid Crafts has stolen the show and taken the prize for offering a product that is not only fun and engaging for our kids, but socially responsible for our planet too!"

My daughters and I were given the opportunity to review Green Kid Crafts November craft kit last week. Please take a look if you haven't had the chance yet. 

Take 15% off your order from now until 12/15 with coupon code BLOGGY.

Disclosure: Homeschooling Mom 4 Two was not compensated for this post. Contains affiliate links.

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November $100 Amazon Giveaway! WW - 12/15

What would YOU buy with a $100 Amazon Gift Card?

Happy Home and Family has teamed up with a group of the most amazing bloggers around to bring you this great giveaway!

One reader will be winning a $100 Amazon Gift Card!

Special thanks to our co hosts - Capri's Coupons, My Mushings, Mum Writes , SaMie Designs and Din's Fashion

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Winter Wonderland Inflatable Snow Castle Fort Giveaway! US - 12/14

Winter Wonderland Inflatable
 Snow Castle Fort Giveaway 
 Hosted by: Inside My Head


Product Description:

A real snow castle would take hours to build and require lots of snow. So we designed our exclusive heavy-duty vinyl Snow Castle to set up almost anywhere, whether there's a blizzard or not. Much more than just a snow fort, our castle encourages children to use their imaginations while having fun for hours on end. 

Fun, creative and earth-friendly craft projects, delivered each month by GreenKidCrafts {REVIEW} Save 15% until 12/15 with coupon code!

Green Kid Crafts Earth Friendly Craft KitsGreen Kid Crafts is a fantastic mom-owned company that provides monthly subscription craft kits your kids will absolutely love! Each kit contains three green, earth friendly activities that not only foster your child's creativity but also develop a love and respect for the environment. Although they are designed to be appropriate for children aged 3-8 I have to say that my 9 year old daughter, Maija and even myself really enjoyed doing these crafts along with my 4 year old, Annika. It was great quality time spent together. 

Giveaway Linky ~ Nov 23 - Nov 29

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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Fagor Chef Pressure Cooker Giveaway! {$179 RV} US - 12/6

Mom Powered Media brings you a Fagor Chef Pressure Cooker Giveaway! {$179 RV}

US Only


A BIG thank you to our lovely co-hosts: Mom to Bed by 8| Powered by Mom| Real Mom Reviews| Baby Costcutters| Capris Coupons The pressure is on with a Fagor Chef Pressure Cooker that is! It's the perfect time of year to start cooking with a pressure cooker. Oh the wonderful things you can make that are healthy and tasty with a Fagor Chef Pressure Cooker!

DK Canada ~ Smithsonian Animal {REVIEW} Plus...Save 30% for a limited time only!

If you haven't had a chance to take a look at the fantastic books that DK Canada is featuring in their Gift Boutique right now you'll want to check it out right away! You'll save 30% on a selection of wonderful titles. Our family was given the opportunity to review 4 books from the Gift Boutique. When we opened the box I was just about knocked over when I saw the copy of Smithsonian Animal. Just the picture on the front cover is ABSOLUTELY STUNNING! I was also surprised by the shear size of this book with it's 632 pages. My two daughters and I pulled it out right away and started looking though. My 9 year old was in absolute AWE! As she flipped through the pages she said to me "Mom! I think every animal in the whole world is in this book!" I was thinking the same thing too. We are completely and utterly in LOVE with this book I can't even explain it. 

Bath Blocks Giveaway! US - 11/26

GUEST REVIEW by So Cal Coupon Mommy

Alexa Blog Hop ~ Nov 22-28

Homeschooling Mom 4 Two
Welcome to the FIFTH weekly ALEXA Blog Hop!!!

If you are a blogger and looking to to improve your Alexa score 
we're glad you've dropped by.

Wii U & $200 Game Stop Gift Card Giveaway! WW - 12/10


Prizes: Wii U & $200 Game Stop Gift Card

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Brownie Brittle Giveaway! US - 12/4

Review and Giveaway by
Kara's Deals and Steals

Brownie Brittle is great for those of you who can’t handle the richness of a brownie. It’s a yummy and innovative snack to take with you when you’re on the go, or to sneak in your child’s school lunch. It would also be an awesome addition to a gift basket. It mimics the crunchy outside edges of the traditional brownie, but has all of the flavor added in with just 100 calories per serving. Sheila G. Mains figured out how to make an entire pan of the crispy goodness and out of that came her Brownie Brittle creation, which has become the basis of a thriving business. You can purchase Brownie Brittle online or in many in-store locations around the U.S. 

Save 30% on select titles from DK Canada PLUS enter to win a $250 DK shopping spree!

There is nothing more important to a child's education than books. They inspire, they spark imagination, they bring stories to life and smiles to their faces. Whether we are young or old, books are an amazing resource and sometimes even an escape from reality.

I'm so excited about my new partnership with DK Canada and I look forward to bringing my readers many reviews and giveaways from their amazing selection of books. Today, I wanted to let you know about a couple exciting things happening at DK Canada right now that you won't want to miss. 

If you love books you don't want to miss the opportunity to enter to win a DK shopping spree worth $250 just by signing up for their newsletter! Imagine all the marvelous books you could buy for you home library. Deadline to enter is December 17th, 2012 @ 6 pm EST.

Make sure to visit DK Canada's Gift Boutique for some fantastic savings on 60 different titles! Our family is really excited to read Smithsonian Animal and Outside in Human Body. Smithsonian Animal brings together the expertise of natural history specialists and outstanding wildlife photographers to illustrate, describe, and explain the incredible range of creatures in the animal kingdom. And Outside in Human Body features flaps, pull-outs, and even a squishy eye on the cover to help young readers explore the human body as they never have before in this exciting guide to anatomy. We are sure to have a great time using these books in our homeschool curriculum. Other titles that you may enjoy are The World's Must See Places, Cooking Season by Season, The Lego Book, Canadian Gardener's Guide, Optical Illusions, How to  Be a Math Genius, and Children's Book of Music. Take a look at all the titles available in the Gift Boutique today and don't forget that you get FREE shipping with orders over $50!

Disclaimer: Homeschooling Mom 4 Two was not compensated for this post.

Koret Designer Handbag Giveaway! US - 12/13

Special thanks to our sponsor KORET HANDBAGS

One lucky winner will win a Koret Pure Ostrich East/West Satchel!

Diva FabulosaKoret Handbags aren’t just stylish but also proven to have the highest quality at a cheaper price. Their vast selection of items can also keep up it with those hard-to-pronounce designer bags that are too expensive to own. The company was started by Richard Koret in 1929 and over time he was able to innovate the image of handbags with his awesome creativity. At present, the company is being run by Grace Han, the president of Chateau International who continued the legacy of Koret after he died in a plane crash in 1965. If you want a designer bag that won't make a hole in your pocket, you should definitely check out Koret!

The Ultimate Gift Card Giveaway - 24 HOUR FLASH!!!!

We love our readers around here! 
One way we like to show our appreciation is by giving you all the chance to WIN!! It's always fun when you win something, right?! 

Krazy Clippers is celebrating another milestone..25k FB Fans...which means SWEET prizes for you!!! Now, let's give away some stuff! 

Here are the prizes: 
$25 gift card
$25 Bath & Body Works gift card
$25 Target gift card
$25 Starbucks gift card

There will be 4 WINNERS!!

This will be quick - only 25 HOURS - I love these FLASH Giveaways, they are the BEST! 

Open to US Residents. We would like to thank our precious friends at Copy-Kids for sponsoring these prizes! 

Friday, November 16, 2012

DK Canada - First Animal Encyclopedia Giveaway! CAN - 11/30

Kids love animals! My girls especially love learning about cheetahs, monkeys, and whales. They love their nature shows, and trips to the zoo are one of our favourite ways to spend time as a family. I love homeschooling because it gives us the opportunity to learn more about what the kids are truly interested in. My daughters were thrilled when we received DK Canada's First Animal Encyclopedia to review.  It's a wonderful addition to our homeschool library. There is so much information on a huge variety of animals and the pictures are truly beautiful. To learn more about this book and all it's features please read my full review.

Bejeweled Bubbles Giveaway! US - 11/19

Review and Giveaway by Donna's Deals and More.

Each Bejeweled Bubbles bar contains a sparkly surprise! You can choose either a “ring” bar (in small, medium or large sized ring) or “necklace” bar. Jewelry included ranges from silvertone/goldtone, white gold/gold plated, sterling silver or perhaps even finer quality! You can read Donna's complete review HERE. Donna's Deals and More has teamed up with some fabulous bloggers and one reader will be winning their very own Bejeweled Bubble bar and a Good Clean Fun Bar (contains a fun toy for kids!) I think the kids would be much more willing to bathe knowing there's a toy just waiting to be uncovered, don't you:) 

All you have to do is enter the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
 Disclosure: I received no compensation for this publication. My opinions are my own and may differ from those of your own. Homeschooling Mom 4 Two is not responsible for sponsor prize shipment.

Giveaway Linky - Nov 16-Nov 22

Welcome all to my EIGHTH weekly giveaway LINKY! 

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Rok Cooking Flash Giveaway! US - 11/19

Welcome to the Rok Cooking Flash Giveaway! 

Homeschooling Mom 4 Two has teamed up with other awesome blogs to give all our readers the chance to win a special holiday prize: Rok Home Cooking Set ($59.95 value) 

Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen Giveaway! US - 12/2

Homeschooling Mom 4 Two is so excited to be participating in the promotion of this fantastic giveaway!!! My girls absolutely LOVE their kitchen and this is YOUR chance to enter to win one for your little ones! Dress up clothes, super hero capes, and simple pots and pans can all be fun toys through the imaginative eyes of a child. When you add those elements to a super fun play space, you could soon find your child occupied for hours.

Welcome to the Step2 Lifestyle Fresh Accents Kitchen Giveaway Event

Thursday, November 15, 2012

DK Canada - First Animal Encyclopedia {review}

Every child loves learning about animals and my girls are no exception. One of the great benefits of homeschooling is being able to teach your kids what really interests them. And we love learning about all sorts of animals. I love Panda Bears the most because I remember going to see them at the zoo when I was in grade 3. They are so beautiful. My nine year old has always admired Cheetahs and my 4 year old, well, her answer changes daily. First Animal Encyclopedia from DK Canada is a fantastic resource for our homeschooling curriculum. We can pick the animals they want to learn more about and create a lesson plan featuring those animals. Every week we can pick a different group of animals and learn something new. 

Eco Futon Dog Bed Giveaway! US - 12/7

Did you know that the average dog sleeps 12 hours or more a day? That means that more than half of your precious dogs life will be spent sleeping away! Which means that their dog bed should be one of the biggest purchases you make for them. DogGeekz offers only the highest in quality dog supplies backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. From dog beds, to dog collars you'll be able to find something truly unique to match your dog's personality. They offer many of the world’s leading manufacturers and designers of sustainable, natural, recycled, eco-friendly dog products that are made with your dog's health and the health of our planet in mind. Many of these companies are among the most socially responsible companies around in the dog industry.

Alexa Blog Hop - Nov 15

Homeschooling Mom 4 Two
Welcome to the FOURTH weekly ALEXA Blog Hop!!!

If you are a blogger and looking to to improve your Alexa score 
we're glad you've dropped by.

Multiplication trick for 6x6 to 10x10 using just your hands!

I found this clip on Pinterest today and just HAD to share it with you! Maybe everyone else knows this trick already but it's new to me and it's sooo cool! 

Visit for more tips and techniques.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow Kitchen Giveaway! US - 12/3

Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow Kitchen Giveaway
Sponsored by Little Tikes

You will have an inspiring little chef with this realistic kid's kitchen playset that grows with your child.  When this Little Tikes kitchen is opened it is the perfect height for toddlers.  When the kitchen is compacted it is now the perfect size for your preschooler to cook your dinner.  There are 50+ accessories included!


• Kitchen has 2 age grade configurations
     1) Kitchen is expanded and the height is just right for toddlers
     2) Compacting the kitchen makes it just right for preschoolers
  • Electronic cooking sounds
  • Hooks for hanging cups
  • Molded in slots to hold plates
  • Oven, refrigerator and microwave doors all open and close
  • Shape-sorting lid for pot helps develop fine motor skills
  • 50+ accessories included
  • Requires 2 "AA" batteries (not included)

Read Coupon Gator Mommy's Little Tikes Cook 'n Grow Kitchen Review.

Want to enter more Giveaways including an iTikes Piano and other toys, click HERE! 

Wordless Wednesday: Raking Mummu's backyard + LINKY!

Cozy Earth Bamboo Twin Comforter Giveaway! ($319.99 Value) WW - 12/12

Welcome to our Cozy Earth Bamboo Twin Comforter Giveaway!

Your little one spends about 3,650 hours sleeping in their bed each year. Conventional fabrics used to make comforters and blankets contain all kinds of chemicals, pesticides, and even highly toxic fire retardants. It's so important to invest in natural and non-toxic bedding for their well being whenever possible. Wouldn't you agree that it's more important than the latest toys, gadgets, or entertainment? That's why the generous folks at Cozy Earth are giving one of you a chance to win this twin size bamboo comforter!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Nature's Sleep Memory Foam slippers Giveaway! US - 11/27

Review and Giveaway by 
Kara's Deals and Steals

"I love to own a great pair of slippers, especially during our sometimes harsh Indiana winters. It's nice to curl up on the couch at night with my body covered by a blanket and my feet cozy in my slippers, ready to watch some television after a long day at work. Nature's Sleep slippers are just one of the many products they sell, including pet beds, mattresses and mattress toppers. All of their products are designed with concern to your health, well being and the environment. The majority of Nature's Sleep products are allergen resistant, anti-dust mite and washable. I suffer from allergies, so these are all great qualities to have in products I own. Comfort is necessary for me. I am a full time working mom of two who has to dress in business clothing on a daily basis. I love coming home and throwing on a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt. Comfortable slippers are essential! I also love to just slip them on. It's convenient and hassle free. However, most pairs of slippers I have owned slide right off my feet when I walk through the house and I find myself scuffing along the ground to keep them on."

Survival Series Week #3 Giveaway - Emergency Radio! US - 11/16

Welcome to Week #3 of our Survival Series of giveaways. 

We have given away several items in week #1 and #2 of our survival series of giveaways that will help preserve food. This week we will giveaway an item that will be very precious to anyone without power, a Solar and Crank Powered Emergency Radio with LED Flashlight and USB Charger. April, our giveaway host, had to use one of these when the power went out in North Carolina about 10 years ago. They were without power for almost a week. Having the radio to listen to and information updates about what the weather was going to do next was nice! Plus, the LED Flashlight was very helpful at night when it was so dark you could not see your hand in front of your face! 

Monday, November 12, 2012

Jumping Jr. - Baby's First Trampoline AND Copy-Kids eat fruits & vegetables DVD Giveaway! US - 11/16

Welcome to our Healthy Baby Giveaway 
where one lucky reader takes ALL!

Prizes Include:
Copy-Kids eat fruits & vegetables DVD
Jumping Jr. - Baby's First Trampoline

Canadians! Print coupons and earn #Swagbucks!

Canadian Swaggernauts have asked, and Swagbucks listened: Coupons are now available on! Starting today, October 12th, you can earn 1 SB for each coupon printed (limit of 12 SB/month). If you haven't tried Swagbucks yet, now is a good time to earn online reward Bucks for doing what you already do online: search, play games, watch videos and more. Now you can add saving on shopping trips too. Click on "Coupons" under the Earn menu on the homepage and search for coupons in your area, by category or by brand.

Disclaimer: Homeschooling Mom 4 Two was not compensated for this post. However it does contain my personal referral link.

Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse Giveaway! US - 12/10

Looking for a great gift for a toddler? Plan Toys has an amazing selection of Eco-friendly wooden toys and today we would like to introduce you to one of them - Tori, a little horse that rocks! Not only will your toddler love rocking on it, your worries about large toys taking over the house can be eased because it is compact and easily folds for storage.

The Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse is a high quality wooden toy that is designed to last for generations. The genius design makes it really easy to hide when you have company over or when your children outgrow it, then grandchildren can discover it all over again! The gender neutral design blends in seamlessly in any decor. An open ended toy like Tori will have your kids' imagination running wild through castles, battle fields, circuses, and far away lands. You can read the full review of the Plan Toys Tori Rocking Horse over at Eco-Babyz and see detailed photos as well as a short video!

Power Wheels Ford F-150 Giveaway! US - 11/25

Power Wheels Ford F-150 Ride On

Welcome to the Power Wheels Ford F-150 Giveaway!

Hosted by Giveaway Promote.
Sponsored by and

Genuine Ford parts retailer has partnered with to give away a brand new Ford F-150!
Of course, there's a catch...

We're not giving away a full-sized Ford truck. That would be cool, but the people in charge won't let us. So, we're going to give away a Power Wheels F-150 instead. Hopefully, that's still cool. Thanks for entering!


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