Saturday, October 13, 2012

My daughter makes me smile:)

My youngest daughter just turned 4 in August and let me tell you, she's been a handful. From the time she was a newborn she loved to scream. She'd be tired and need to sleep, but she was so stubborn. She would scream so badly you would think that someone was pulling her arms and legs off. Ugh! How do you deal with that?

And she hasn't outgrown it. She's the most stubborn child I've ever known. And she's too smart  for her own good. She knows what she's doing, she knows how to manipulate and get her way. Where does she learn these things?

The funniest thing was a few weeks ago when my husband was away. We've always had problems getting her to go to bed and stay in bed. So when she came downstairs screaming that she didn't want to sleep in her bed I wasn't surprised. She begged and pleaded. Cried and whined. At one point she even offered me money! ROFL!!!! After all that she finally realized I wasn't going to give in and gave up. As she walked up the stairs pouting I heard her say "it didn't work" :( Oh my! What a kid! Yup, she knows what she's doing.

So we have our rough days. But there are great days too! We were practicing writing some of her lower case letters today. She can be very hard on herself sometimes and gets angry when she can't get it right. I encouraged her to keep trying and told her that it takes practice. So, she tried again and did really well! She surprises me sometimes. And the pleasure and pride that showed on her face was priceless! It's those moments that make me forget all the trials she puts me through. I see that smile and I melt. She's amazing and I love her to death. Life without her would certainly be boring.


  1. Each child has their own personality, and it is good to celebrate who they are. I think we can all relate to our kids having hard days and good days!

  2. That is funny. Offering you money. How adorable. She is a beautiful little girl.


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